For Hospitality Service Providers

From the materials at the trade show booth to the thought leadership editorial that sparked an in-person conversation, thoughtful communications mean more business opportunities.

Our specialty is sales communications and thought leadership lead generation with vendors, suppliers, and consultants in the restaurant and hospitality industry.

Writing Services

  • Strategic, long-form, editorial communications
  • Original, engaging content creation
  • Creative copywriting
  • Research-heavy informational writing


  • SEO keyword blogs
  • Ghostwritten thought leadership articles
  • Sales materials
  • Guides and reports
  • White papers and case studies
  • Executive communications
  • Website copy
  • Trade show presentations

Project Management

Have a larger project in mind, but don’t have the team or the bandwidth to complete it all?

Pilot Light brings a well-connected network of graphic designers, web developers, social media managers, and photographers & videographers to the table- let us take the larger projects off your plate.

“Corinne ‘gets’ the restaurant and hospitality industry. But most importantly, she easily translates that knowledge into compelling content and razor-sharp insights. Our restaurant and hospitality clients regularly thank us for bringing Corinne to the team.”

— Erica Stephens, Weaver Stephens Group

Case Study: Selling the Value of a New Product

A restaurant technology company was piloting a new product to some nationwide franchise clients. The company needed crystal-clear sales materials that could break down the complex ideas behind the product into digestible takeaways about its value. Pilot Light came onto the team as a writer, synthesizing multiple data analysis reports, white papers, and sales materials into a clear, compelling sales sequence.

Case Study: Marketing a Company’s Expertise

The retail, franchise, and hospitality group at Aprio, a nationwide accountancy firm based in Atlanta, was in need of thought leadership content to display both their technical, service-based knowledge as well as their familiarity with restaurant industry trends. Pilot Light was brought onto the marketing team as a subject matter expert in the restaurant industry to ghostwrite bylined blog posts based on trending topics and SEO keywords. Pilot Light also advised on how to publicize content to the target audience.

Case Study: Project Management for Business Growth

Content Writer Workshop, a small content marketing agency, was expanding operations and earning new business. The team needed someone familiar with content marketing to be the point of contact for a growing number of clients and manage scope of work discussions and content development. Pilot Light joined CWW as project manager, overseeing the workflow of a team of talented writers and designers.

Some of our past and current clients:

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