I unabashedly love new year’s lists, resolutions, and planning. I know the new year-new me narrative gets mocked in certain corners as wishful thinking, inactionable, or empty, but I do it anyway. It’s an excuse to step back, take a bird’s eye view, reevaluate what you think you were working toward. It gives you reason to think about a chunk of time and draw lessons from your experience. It’s a reminder to have the conversations about the bigger picture, even when the day-to-day is taking up so much of your energy.

Hyped by my planning in my own business, I ended up having a very personal discussion with a client about their hopes for the next six months, year, two years. Through our discussion, we ended up creating a list of their current goals, their reach goals, and their “reachreachreach goals” (as I so very professionally call them).

It was amazing to watch how, although certain signposts started out as “reach goals”, upon further thought we realized that we could probably make them happen. Reach goals turned into just plain ol’ goals, reachreachreach goals suddenly seemed far more possible.

Somehow, it was the act of saying these ambitions out loud that made them seem smaller. They became slightly more manageable, more bite-sized. And now, my client is entering 2019 with loftier goals for their business.

That’s why I like the exercise of resolutions, planning, and goal-making. The goals will shift, of course, and we will occasionally miss the mark. But with bigger goals, you’re encouraged to take bigger steps. Taking the time to think about the bigger picture leads to a whole lot of energy pushing forward, reachreachreaching.