For Small Businesses

We know the frustration of staring at a blank Word document, blog subject line, or “About” section of your website. We can help.

When you’re working toward a goal – more customers, bigger investors, bigger reputation – we join your team and support that growth. When we take care of the communications piece, you have more time to focus on what you do best: running your business.

We offer a wide range of services to small businesses, because we know if you’re already wearing seven different hats, you need someone on the team who can do the same.

A few of our common offerings:

  • Traditional PR and marketing – writing media pitches, newsletters, copy, and sales materials
  • Nontraditional campaigns – running with your quirky ideas that range from Kickstarter funds to offbeat, grassroots publicity
  • Project management – overseeing the execution, keeping everything moving along on time, and making sure the thing gets done
  • Team creation – assembling a team for a specific project (we can bring the graphic designers, web developers, printers, photographers, venue managers, caterers, and more)
  • Communications strategy – consulting on how to leverage strengths and build the communications piece of the business plan

Case Study: Supporting Small Business Development

Talat Market, a highly-acclaimed popup named one of Bon Appetit’s “50 Best New Restaurants in America”, is set to open its first brick-and-mortar restaurant in Grant Park, Atlanta in the summer of 2019. Pilot Light has worked with the Talat team to create and execute a communication strategy, including managing media relationships, establishing an email marketing list (that’s grown by over 300%), and creating newsletters that drive business to their regular pop-ups and special events. Pilot Light also oversaw their successful $20,000 Kickstarter campaign and secured earned media for the campaign.

“Corinne has become part of our team, doing everything from creating our email marketing to managing our successful Kickstarter campaign. Her work with Talat Market has grown our restaurant’s profile, created a lot of excitement for our future projects, and generated more business for us. Simply put, if you need something done she’ll see it through.”

— Parnass Savang, Talat Market

Case Study: Growing Direct-To-Consumer Retail Sales

White Oak Pastures, a “radically traditional” organic farm in southwest Georgia, is transitioning from a business model based on wholesale, to a diverse model with more direct-to-consumer retail. As an extraordinarily unique family business with a complex story to tell, White Oak Pastures needed a writer who could understand the entire operation while translating the value of individual parts to existing and potential customers. Pilot Light came on board as a blog writer, writing articles designed to promote and move specific products from the online store. Writing a number of different blog posts every month, Pilot Light uses research and interviews to create branded, SEO-focused content to improve retail sales.

Some of our past and current clients:

Working with Corinne helped alleviate the my stress and anxiety regarding the marketing and writing parts of my workload. I knew they needed to get done, but they would always end up on the bottom of my checklist because the day-to-day tasks and deliverables for my business needed to come first.

Corinne has a natural ability to synthesize the spoken word into written communication materials. Our meetings flow like a normal conversation and then poof! she’s able to turn my ideas into text that I was dreading having to write myself.

— Laura Asherman, Forage Films

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