The risk of including the “published” date on blog posts is well-known and spoken about in content marketing circles. It’s a choice you can make in your blog settings – do you want to create “evergreen” content that doesn’t have a published “best-by” date, or do you want to show you’re staying current?

The danger of showing the date, of course, is that if you miss a post, your readers will know you are off your regular schedule. Or, if you don’t post regularly, you will seem outdated or out of touch. Personally, I’ve usually subscribed to the belief that the small amount of public pressure of a published date actually helps when I need to get the writing done. Recent posts also prove that I am actively, currently, presently working on my writing.

But here I am, a few weeks without a regular weekly blog post. I know; I know. I have a good excuse though, promise – I’m putting my energy toward something that will replace this page. Hear me out.

I’ve been screaming into the vast void of the internet about food and cooking and writing for years, on a number of different platforms and under a number of different pseudonyms. Some of it has been good, some of it has not aged well, and some of it I wrote last week and it’s almost too soon to tell.

Most recently, I have teamed up with a talented photographer friend and pursued different stories in and around Atlanta that center around food. We’re currently working on a revamped blog site, which will also house some of my more creative archived clips (including the closest I’ve ever come to “going viral”!). Some of my posts from this current blog will be reworked on there as well.

I have a fairly unlimited supply of questions, opinions, and thoughts on food, writing, and food writing. If you’d like to read about some of the above, check the date on this post – and then check back soon.