Writers who take a point and run with it, oblivious to any doubts or criticisms from the sideline, always take me with them. There is something captivating about watching someone sprint with the absurd.

Joe Pinsker, writer with The Atlantic whose profile on Lunchables I devoured a few weeks ago, published a definitive piece on the best time to eat Thanksgiving dinner. While I agree with many of his finer points, I mostly just admire his zeal.

Although many of my clients are preparing for a final year-end sprint in December, this week, I can feel the pause that a holiday brings. I’m feeling lucky to have a little more time for the absurd, a full stomach, a nap or two, and leftovers. I know I plan on all of the above.

Here’s to hoping you and yours have a wonderful meal, whatever time of day you end up sitting down at the table.