The NYT recently published this article about the different lunches, snacks, and perks different companies provide their employees. The reporting only focused on 9-5 settings, offices that invested in feeding their team. This is a pretty thin sliver of perspective, in the grand scheme of American workplaces, but I loved reading into all the different approaches anyway.

The article prompted me to start asking my clients and the agencies I interact with about food at the office or how they eat together with their colleagues. With some companies, lunches are eaten at the desk or carefully calibrated to court potential leads. Others use lunch as an excuse to escape their screens and spend with their colleagues or time outside. With many of my clients in the restaurant industry, our conversations quickly steered toward talk of family meals, shift snacks, and industry hangouts.

How do you share, or not share, that mid-work meal? Of course, I know I think about food more than most people, but I also think that the answer can shine some interesting light on your business or your industry.

And this question has led to some fascinating discussions- although most of Pilot Light’s work may be in written communications, I must admit, some of our best conversations happen over leisurely lunch meetings.